The glass door remains locked in the Safes Room Escape game.

Safes Rooms Escape

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Tom Blake is capital witness to a murder. The authorities had decided to hide him because the killer is still at large. He got a good look at the murderer. What startled Tom is that he knew who the killer was. He grew up with this person and knew him very well. When his parents had died, this person was always with him to cheer him on. Yes, Tom knew who killed the security guard at his school. Every little detail was coming back to him. That person wanted his files. He had never counted the school guard to come his way.

They wrestled to the ground but the suspect got hold of the guard’s gun and fired. It was only when Tom realized what he had done. He looked straight ahead at his own reflection on the glass doors of the office cabinet. But because Tom is a straight A student, an honor student and captain of the basketball team, everyone believed his story. He didn’t want this to happen. But he knew that the other Tom inside of him will eventually overpower him. He needed to escape this bedroom before it’s too late.


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