Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 002(3rd)

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Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 002(3rd) is Japanese escape game from SKEscape. Imagine you are stock-broker who had been working hard recently in order to boost the income of your company. One day you went into your office relatively early in order to make the best businesses of the day before your collegaues noticed the opportunities. You were making good investments when suddenly your phone rang. It was your boss, asking you to go to his office to discuss some essential matter about your future plans. You wanted to return as fast as possible to continue your job so you started to rush toward his office but appalingly found the door of your own locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 002(3rd)

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