Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 001(5th)

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Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 001(5th) is japanese escape game from SKEscape. Assume you are a japanese language teacher who wanted to improve his speaking skills so travelled to Japan to take part in the life of a school for some weeks. When you arrived to the family where you were going to spend your next weeks you immediately felt the kindness of the people. They offered you some kind of tea which can ease the body and relax the mind. You went into your room and fell into deep sleep after the long flight to here. When you woke up it was morning and your first day in the school. You set out to leave but appallingly found the door of the room locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Sa-imagusu Kokorasa Escape 001(5th)

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