The filthy double doors in Rusty Hotel Escape leads to the ballroom.

Rusty Hotel Escape

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An abandoned hotel sits on top of a hill just outside of the city. It was very popular during its time but the owner went bankrupt due to excessive gambling and left it rotting. Rusty mettalic walls under filthy and peeling wallpaper are everywhere because the owner made it so. He feared earthquakes above all so he had every wall reinforced with steel. The surrounding area of the hotel is the woods. It is ideal for guests who are fond of nature and the peace and quiet that came with it. Nowadays, the hotel is housing nobody knows what.

Five friends made a trip to this abandoned hotel one night. Sightings recorded for the past fifty years are famous. A mysterios glowing figure was spotted hovering over the ballroom bar by paranormal investigators. The friends wanted to see this figure because of the mystery they read during their childhood. The friends entered the hotel and made it to the lobby. As soon as they went past the entrance doors, it swung close and locked itself. The friends began running desperately for escape.

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