Rusty Factory Lane Escape Game

Rusty Factory Lane Escape

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The factory is pretty old and rusty, that's why it had been decommissioned not so long ago and transferred to a new facility. Amidst all of the things being transferred to the new factory, it wouldn't always be thorough so that day Vince was sent there again by his superior to check for more useful tools there to retrieve, because it wasn't such a hard thing to do that's why Vince was sent to the place alone. Vince has comprehensive knowledge of the place and he was even able to put the lights on, and so his adventure in the factory begins.

Vince roamed around some of the rooms he hadn't been to from his previous visit to potentially find more salvageable things that he can bring, but somehow he noticed that the doors there are rusty and hard to open, he still continued for he thought what's the worst that those can do, well actually a lot and one major factor that made the situation so was those same rusty doors! Escape players, Vince got trapped in the factory thanks to those things and he can't get any help for he came all by himself. Care to join in the escape with Vince and see if you can find your way out safely?

Rusty Factory Lane Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from Ekey Games.

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