Rusty Factory Escape Game

Rusty Factory Escape

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The car repair shop and mini factory is a little-bit old, but the men there doesn't neglected the place and the owner too, for he constantly adds in new upgrades to catch-up with the demands of the customers. That day it was a general holiday, workers are out but Jude who was the owner of the place stayed for a bit for he has some stuff to do there and besides, he considers working in his shop his holiday already. He does that every time but he didn't know he'll be in some trouble there that day.

Jude is alone in the shop and that's why when he discovered he could no longer escape the place for the doors are now mysteriously locked, he is on his own in there! Jude doesn't know why the doors wouldn't open, but to answer to that problem he needs to find his universal key which can open anything, but that thing is somewhere hidden in the shop. Escape players, you are now Jude here trapped in his own car shop. Will you be able to find that key and escape out of there then? Go ahead everybody so Jude can figure-out what exactly happened.

Rusty Factory Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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