Rustic Room Escape Game

Rustic Room Escape

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Rustic Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy on this challenging escape here and may you make it out quickly!

The once abandoned building had now been renovated and it is now taking-in new tenants. As a person who was desperately looking for an affordable apartment, Geraldine was the first person to stay in the new rooms there and she is just happy for she got to pick the room she likes, sad because she is alone in the compound at the moment, well that is going to be a disadvantage though later-on for something happened in his little room and even though the place was decent for her, what happened wasn't exactly the same.

Geraldine could not anymore open her doors and no matter how hard she tried everything, the thing was like a permanent fixture on the wall! Something is happening here and it could be one of the reasons why the place got renovated, now Geraldine is in this situation now trapped inside her own room. Escape players, Geraldine is in this weird situation here in her new room, it's bad enough this happened here, it's worst because she liked the place. Care to join Geraldine and see if you can escape successfully out of the room? Go ahead then and good luck with this one!

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