Rustic Church Escape

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The ruined and abandoned church was one of the places that was beautiful back in the days, but is now dilapidated as a result of war. It’s a mystery though why nobody rebuilt it back to its former glory, but it seems that they are trying to now for George was commissioned to try and retrieve the bible of the place and that must be taken back for starters so they can then repair the place slowly. Hopefully that’s what they are trying to do, for the place looks great even though ruined and it will look better if fully repaired, but now George must go in an adventure in there just to find the bible wherever it is. Just when George knew this was going to be easy though, well he was wrong for the place is actually like a maze!

George got lost in the church for the halls were twisting and he had to avoid that for those areas couldn’t be sturdy anymore. Well he managed to retrieve the bible though and it was heavy. Now he just needs to navigate out of there and safely. Escape players, want to help George here so he can complete this mission?

Rustic Church Escape is the newest point and click ruined place escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Rustic Church Escape


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