Rural Farmhouse Escape Game

Rural Farmhouse Escape
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Rural Farmhouse Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games for 8b Games. Enjoy this escape adventure here from a beautiful house in the country.

Dano is the new guest in the farmhouse and he is a bit confused why the previous tenant left untimely and she didn't even give her reason why. It can't be that bad now, oh Dano doesn't have an idea what. The rural farmhouse, even though it is located in the countryside, it is actually a luxurious place! Perfect for those rich guys in the city and still Dano doesn't know what's not to like there. The rooms are good and it looks like everything which one will ever need is already there. But as he makes himself comfortable in the luxurious abode however, something happened and now he is in-trouble!

Dano could no longer get himself out for not even the windows would open no matter how hard he tried! This could be it, the thing that kicked the previous guest out and now it is his turn. Well, he ain't just going to sit and let this one defeat him, he'll solve this problem and probably figure-out what's going-on then. Escape players, Dano could be in deep trouble or this could be something else here, well either way would you still join him on his escape from the house? Go ahead then, good luck!


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