Run Chase 12

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You’re now starting to doubt that it’s the same thief you’re chasing. For someone so slippery like an eel, you believe he has some accomplices. And that you’ve been blindly trusting his accomplices when they’re really out there to get you. He may also have some decoys. He’s not just an ordinary thief. And now he’s decided to stay hidden in a volcano. You perfectly know that volcanoes have some limitations with the parameters for visitors. So it would be very to enter any area of the volcano unless he has inside contact. That or he is just plain too good to just enter any place he wishes to. The volcano is such a hostile place though. It’s quite active now and some lava are actually flowing from the crater. It’s just like as people say, the entrance of hell. But you’ve got much in your hands to prove it.

So you try to enter the prohibited area of the volcano as well. And it’s surprising to know that the area does not have very strict surveillance. You can just easily run or walk in and out. But you feel there’s something off. You go and check the wires of the camera. But they’re all cut off. It’s your 12th chase. Run Chase 12 is an outdoor escape game and Enagames.