Ruins Forest Love Ghost Escape Game

Ruins Forest Love Ghost Escape

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The forest is filled with dangerous things and most are very deceitful, that's why people get lost in there or are never to be seen for again most certainly thanks to the beings there. That day as a graduated shaman, Lo decided that he'll use his skills first to rid the place of evil so that people can finally pass through that area safely, so he sits and waits for something to come to him there instead of moving and adventuring. As his first mission, a normal looking person approached him, well that's for everybody but for him though he can see the true appearance of the guy which was actually some sort of demon.

Lo asked what the being wants and he told him, he actually wasn't that harmful and was only just looking for his lover who was a ghost! Lo would never understand why, but he decided to help him by finding that ghost for he knows it's in some trouble for if it isn't, then it should come when he calls its name. Escape player, will you help the shaman Lo here in helping a scary-looking being?

Ruins Forest Love Ghost Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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