Ruined Ancient City Game

Ruined Ancient City

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You always dreamed of traveling alone. And this year, your parents gave you the go signal. So you packed your bags and everything that you might be needing. They made you promise to always update them about your activities and locations. You had no plans of disappointing them or else you wouldn't be able to travel alone again. You woke up early to send them your itinerary for the day. Then you set out to get to the ruined ancient city. You were at the bus stop when you met a fellow traveler. He was likewise alone. And this sparked a conversation between the two of you. He had been traveling alone for quite some time and met many sorts of travelers. Some were good company, others turned out to be creepy. However, he made you focus on the good sides of traveling alone.

Then the city came into view. You parted ways after getting off the bus. There were some places that you shouldn't enter and you followed them to heart. But your fellow traveler was trying to be as daring as he could and found himself unable to get out. Play Ruined Ancient City outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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