Rooster Escape (8b Games)

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Gregory invited you to his home for he has a new rooster which has champion blood! Where does he get these things anyways? And so you went to his place just to see this thing and if it really looks like a champion. As you got to his house, what you saw was Gregory instead trying to open this door and he really was not in a good state right-now.

You asked what was happening and he said that his rooster is trapped inside the room there and he could not open the darn door! Well, this was something? Wonder how did this happen? You asked yourself. But you are going to help here though and Gregory right-now was trying to find this key to the thing. Okay then escape players, will you help on that by finding this key so that the rooster can be freed from the room?

Rooster Escape is a brand new point-and-click animal indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Rooster Escape (8b Games)

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