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Rooms 1

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"Room for one? Ehm... Are you listening?"- someone was speaking to you and it made you lose your thread of thoughts. You came back to reality so sudden, that you even forgot why you came here in the first place. Oh right... The investigation... Right. "Yes, please! A room for one." - you answered after a long period of confused silence. The receptionist passed you the key, in not a gently way, and you headed towards Room 01. At least you thought so. It turned out there were more rooms with the number 01 for some strange reason. You went back to ask the guy for help. He just told you that the number 01 was the cheapest in the shop, so they put that on every door and that you had to try out all of them until you find the one you could open. Was it really the reason? MAybe they just want to delay the investigation...

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