Room Escape (Xenofusion Studios) Game

Room Escape (Xenofusion Studios)

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Escape players, here is another escape adventure from a few rooms in a house and now it's a challenge! This is a new one from a new developer here so hope you enjoy it. Cedric just moved into a new home and the place he got was decent, not luxurious but is livable and cozy enough. Cedric doesn't want a house that's too big for not only he'll be having a big space just for him and potentially a partner in the future, but also it's hard to clean such a big house. That's why he is very much happy with what he got even though there are random objects in the house which he doesn't even own. Probably belonged to the previous owner.

That day when Cedric was about to leave for work, something occurred and now he can't get himself out of the place! Cedric thought this could just be a quirk with the door and he thought only a few budges would get it to open, but sadly it didn't do the job and now Cedric is getting concerned for he is getting late already! Cedric have no idea what's happening, it seems to be that the lock is jammed or something. He definitely needs to change this thing then, but first he needs to get it to open so he can take-care of his job that day. Escape players, want to help-out on this so that Cedric can leave?

Room Escape is an escape the room game from Xenofusion Studios.

  1. Date: February 10, 2021
    Author: b1650424
    Lol. For the first time I see a quest that not only selects the desired item from the inventory by itself, but also ITSELF types the code for me! However, everything works well and has done carefully.
  2. Date: February 10, 2021
    Author: dewed
    Click fest and nothing works

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