Room Escape 5 (Games 4 Escape) Game

Room Escape 5 (Games 4 Escape)

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You thought you already let go of your love for music. One night you were trying to get some peaceful sleep. So you opened a website and listened to some music. You chose an instrumental one with the piano playing. You closed your eyes and you had never felt the kind of peace you were feeling for a long time. Music was such a big part of your life. You thought you'd do well with it. However, when you started learning music, it seemed like you weren't really cut out for it. It took you so many tries just to perfect one piece. And then it seemed like life was also trying to keep you away from it. Every time you tried learning music, something would always came up that needed more attention. So you had to push learning music aside until you finish the task.

However, the tasks were endless. And the more you wanted to learn, the more tasks came. Until you just decided to give up on it. But the music you heard that night sparked your passion once more. So you looked for the house of the person who was willing enough to mentor you. Then again, someone didn't want you to find him and trapped you inside a house. Play Room Escape 5 (Games 4 Escape) room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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