Room Escape 3 (Games 2 Escape)

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Your room is in the attic of the house and you like it that way. Even then it did not hold back the boring day though and you thought maybe you’ll just step outside get some fresh air and sun for you have already cooped-up in your cave for a long time now. And so you planned to step-out but there was a problem about that, for you couldn’t open your door there and it’s worst for you already know it very well and how it works, that’s why this is something very different here.

A few more minutes passed and you still couldn’t open the door, this had now become a serious issue, it could be that there is somebody pulling this one on you here, and you have a suspect who could have done this. That’s why you need to escape from there right-now and quickly, for there is no help coming if this is a prank. Escape players, imagine yourself in the situation here trapped in your own room. Will you be able to escape and get some real answers then what is going-on?

Room Escape 3 is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.