Room Escape 21 Game

Room Escape 21

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Surprise took over your face upon seeing the room 21. You had been escaping rooms for the past few days that you already forgot about the number. But aside from letting you know about the rooms you already solved, 21 held more meaning to you. It was on the 21st day of January when you first started seeing the world as it truly was. A beautiful and remarkable work of art. Then on your 21st birthday, you and your best friend reunited. Circumstances pulled you apart but friendship always found its way back. And 21 was the name of your favorite girl group. It was because of them that you worked so hard to save up and go to South Korea. However, when you already had saved enough money, the girl group broke up. It seemed like the reason for your determination vanished with their disbandment.

So you looked for other things that could save you from the depression you were feeling. And that was when you entered your very first room. You didn't expect it to connect to so many doors. You were hoping you'd be out after an hour. But here you were, still trying to escape rooms. Play Room Escape 21 room escape game by NSR Games.

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