Room Escape 17 Game

Room Escape 17

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You may have a lot of rooms left but you couldn't just wait for people to save you. So you kept on moving around trying to find out how you could escape the rooms. And your efforts didn't go wasted. You were able to escape a lot of rooms. But the more you escaped, the more rooms appeared. And you were tired. In this 17th room, instead of springing into action, you just sat and looked around. Your eyelids got very heavy. And you started drifting off to sleep. You tried keeping them open as you didn't want to waste any time. But you'd been awake for many days straight that your body was demanding for rest. So you let your eyes close and you fell into deep sleep. You didn't know how long you'd been knocked out. But when you looked around, something changed.

You'd already familiarized the place before you slept. But now it changed and you couldn't tell where the items were. This made you become very awake and you instantly looked around the room for a way out. Sleep seemed to be knocking on you again and you needed to fight it off. Play Room Escape 17 room escape game by NSR Games.

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