Room Escape 11 (Games 4 Escape)

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It is not everyday that you get to stay in a nice room like this. Because of that, you have to make the most out of it. The first thing that you have in mind is the room service. There are so many things on the menu that you want. There is no better feeling than delivering fresh food at your room. You didn’t waste any time to call for room service. A seafood pasta is nice so that is what you ordered. But hours later, your order still doesn’t come. You called room service for the second time and it says that the food is already at Room 12 which was your room. You checked where you are and you saw that you are in Room 11. This is a wrong room and you have to leave quickly.

The problem is, your key doesn’t work with this room’s door. With that, you have to look for another way to escape from the room. Thankfully, there are lots of objects in the room that you can use for your escape plan. The real room owner might come any time soon so you have to escape quickly. Room Escape 11 (Games 4 Escape) is an exciting room escape game by Games 4 Escape. Best of luck!

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