Room After Room Escape Game

Room After Room Escape

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Ross' friends have told him how crazy the escape house was in their neighborhood, they have all tried it but failed and never finished the entire challenge, that's why they asked for Ross as the most daring one in the group to try it and maybe he'll win all the way. The house they are talking about has rooms which challengers needs to escape from, and when they do they'll move-on to the next room which will get even more difficult as they progress. Nobody has completed the challenge yet but somebody almost did though, unfortunately the person still failed on the second to the last room.

Ross accepted the challenge for he thinks he might be able to accomplish it even though he thinks it will be very difficult, now his escape adventure starts as the first room which has a brick wall. How hard will the challenge be here? Is he able to pass this one? How many rooms are there? Ross was bombarded with those questions but in the end he decided to just deal with it for as far as he can go. Escape players, want to play as Ross here and see if you can successfully get the challenge done?

Room After Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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