Romanian Boy Escape Game

Romanian Boy Escape

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Being a tour guide was one of the best decisions you made. You were able to learn many languages and also be familiar with various cultures. You always wanted to interact with as many races as possible. This would make you feel like the world was really wide. And that there were still so much more to discover. On your off days, you likewise traveled to different countries and took note of the style of tour guiding. You had been a tour guide to Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, among others. But it was your first time to handle Romanians. You thought you'd be holding a group. Yet it turned out that you were only to guide a Romanian Boy. You wanted to know more about your client to provide appropriate services. However, there was a strict rule when it came to sharing his information that you didn't push further.

After meeting with a group of men in black, the tour began. You went up to his room to lead him to the vehicle. A voice replied that he was still getting ready. So you stayed outside to wait. But many minutes passed and he still hadn't opened the door. You called out once more. And he replied he was stuck. Play Romanian Boy Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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