Rock House Treasure Game

Rock House Treasure

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Rock House Treasure is challenging and exciting escape game made by Mirchigames.

You are a treasure hunter who has finally arrived at your destination - the Rock House. After ages of trying to figure out where you could find this place, your effort has come to fruition. You have asked hundreds and thousands of people, consulted and deciphered countless maps, traveled miles but now you made it. This house made of rock contains the legendary treasure that can grant you any kind of wish. You are here because you have only one objective. That is to steal the legendary treasure.

Be careful though! This rock house is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of challenges to conquer and puzzles to solve. They say this is a treasure that a lot of treasure seekers have given up on because of the sheer difficulty in obtaining the said treasure. Are you one of them who will give up so easily? Or will you take it as a challenge and persevere? At the end not only will you get the treasure, you will also get the satisfaction and bragging rights of conquering the Rock House.

Point and click your way through this tough and challenging escape game and behold the treasure of the Rock House.

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