Rock Hewn City

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As a tourist guide, you have to make sure that your guests can learn a lot from the tour. Your goal is to share information about the historical Rock Hewn City. But aside from making sure that your guests can learn, you also have to make sure that they are all safe. However, not all tourists are obedient with the rules that you gave. When you are about to leave the area, you heard a voice from one tourist and he cries for help. You let the other guests leave the place before you get back on that one lad. This should be the end of your shift but now, you have to make some time to find the guest.

This is a part of your job so you can’t complain about it. Besides, if anything happens with your guest, it would be your fault to live by. Because of this, you have to find a way to locate him. But if you thought that you memorized every room in the Rock Hewn City, you are wrong. You are yet to discover more rooms in this place. Play this brand new room escape game from 5n Games and try to solve all the puzzle in the Rock Hewn City. Good luck!