Rock Forest Escape Game

Rock Forest Escape

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Every month you're holding a forest adventure. For the first few months, you're the only participant. You randomly choose a forest for you to explore and you have to find your way out of it as well. Even if you're alone, you make sure to document your adventures. Then you're posting it on your blog solely dedicated for this. After a while, your blog has gathered many fans. And queries on how to join your adventures start pouring in. You're excited. And at the same time a bit apprehensive. But you know that you'll just have to do as you always do. They may enjoy it or not but it's how your adventures go. Then again, you shouldn't worry at all. The people who join you are always looking forward for the next adventure. So for this month's adventure, you're taking on the rock forest.

This is one of the least explored forest in your area. You spend the night studying the map and making sure that everyone can have a copy of the trail. The next day, you hand out the maps only to realize you lack one. You can't let the others go without a map so you're left with none. Now you have to work your own way to escape the forest. Play Rock Forest Escape room escape game by Sivi Games.

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