Robust Horse Escape

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Jonathan is the only horse breeder in the town and not only he raises horses as well as hooved animals, he raises champion horses and there was even this one which was definitely a champion, for it can make miracles at times when it is about to lose in competitions and my what a joy that gives to him. Jonathan have already bred that horse though from their champion parents and this one here really has a high concentration of being a champion. But one day though, guess somebody was a little jealous or how about advantageous of situations. For when Jonathan checked his barn, this said horse was missing!

Now it is not impossible that the horse just escaped on its own there but he knows that animal, he had trained it and it’s well disciplined. Plus the barn was locked when he left it which means there is a chance that it was forced open. Jonathan is not going to let this happen on his watch though, good thing there are tracks for he can totally follow that to wherever his most valuable horse in his care. Escape players, Jonathan is getting closer now to where that horse of his might be, want to help him and see if you can all help him get it?

Robust Horse Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.