Robotic Labour House Escape

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Oscar made his house as modern as it can be and fun for his kids, that was good and it worked for the kids really love the place. that day while the family was out, Oscar decided to make a few repairs with the helper robot in their home for it seems that it is experiencing something only he can see. And so Oscar made his repairs and just when he was about to really fix the problem, something happened then and now he seems to be in some serious trouble here!

Oscar heard all of the doors in every room in the house locking altogether! This can’t be good, he tried one of them and he couldn’t budge it open. Okay some glitch happened, nothing that he can’t fix. But then he realized who did this, and it was the thing he was about to fix. The robot experienced an error and now it wants to give Oscar trouble! It won’t get him out no matter how he tried to tinker with it and right then and there it decided to get away from him. Okay, looks like Oscar here needs to do this fix manually, he needs to find tools then especially his universal key so he can open at least one door there and pave his way to escape. Oscar plans to engage one of the reset buttons for the house and one is located secretly in his shed, but first he needs to get outside so escape players, will you help Oscar here before the house’s robot tries another troubling thing there?

Robotic Labour House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Robotic Labour House Escape

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