Robbers Treasure Place Escape

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Julius had followed the thieves who he thought were real pirates for they have something worthwhile, as a person who likes profits as well he would like to also get a piece of that pie. Julius however works as a treasure hunter but on legal terms, if there is even such a thing. He never thought he’d see real-live pirates though, for they are pretty scarce now and are mostly kept to themselves moving from different seas especially now they have a sizable bounty. Julius was very careful as he followed them through the forest and through tough terrain, silent as he went and from a distance until, they entered a hidden cave.

Julius waited for hours then overlooking the mouth of the cave, for he can’t just enter it knowing that there are a lot of them and he definitely can’t take them all on. Eventually Julius enters the cave as quietly and slowly as he can, as he goes through the ragged tunnels, he finally arrives at this crevice and in it were treasures he can’t even imagine! There were a lot and Julius must try and get as much as he can and escape from there safely. There is no time to think and definitely no time to waste, escape players you are Julius here, will you be able to get as much treasure as you can and escape before you are caught by one of the pirates?

Robbers Treasure Place Escape is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Robbers Treasure Place Escape


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8 months ago

I have already written here more than once about the signs of degradation in WoW after switching to html5. It looks like I was wrong: this is not degradation, but something worse. Otherwise, I can’t explain WHY WoW programmers needed to store the SAME items in DIFFERENT inventory slots?! Two bottles separately… Three sabers – each on its own… Facepalm.