River Forest House Escape (8b Games) Game

River Forest House Escape (8b Games)

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The location of your house is the best place that you can ever imagine. With the river beside your house, there's nothing that you can ask for. You can swim in there anytime you want. And in case you feel hungry, you can always go to the forest to pick some fruits. But the best thing about your house is that, you don't have a noisy neighbor that will annoy you. However, that is also the reason why it's boring sometimes. You realized that you need neighbors especially now that you can't open the door of your river forest house. Because now, there's nobody that can help you but yourself. Good thing that there are items around the place that you can use to open the door. Aside from that, there are also clues that can help you out. Seems like you are still lucky.

On the other note, you have to use your own logic because only you can solve this puzzle. Therefore, you have to start right now so you can open the door as soon as possible. River Forest House Escape (8b Games) is the newest outdoor escape game from 8b Games that will test your logic. Good luck!

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