River Forest Fun Escape Game

River Forest Fun Escape

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In the most greenest and serene forest, there are wooden houses there which people use and even make a living in the place. For outsiders, the place is very crude and some won't even call it home, but people still lives and survives in there. One day, Orville decided to go there for even though he was a city-folk, he still couldn't stand the pollution for it triggers his allergies, so he head there to breath. Before he entered however, he was given a tip to be very careful in following the rivers there for there are a lot and following one might lead to another split and that can get someone pretty lost. Orville nodded and followed the path, at first it was good especially that he can now breath, he was trying to get to the first settlements there in the forest and he managed to reach one though, but the one he got to seems to be abandoned!

Orville at first didn't know where to go to for he was only given info of one village in the place and nothing was about where he was now. Orville needs to focus and find his way back, he can follow the river but he must be very careful in doing that. Escape players, what will you do if you're faced with the same situation as Orville's?

River Forest Fun Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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