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Risky Reward

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Going into the mystical forest even though it is just another secret land on Earth, the feel and ambiance there is somewhat like from a different realm. In the ancient times, people had ventured into the place and most have never been found, that's why it had become a forbidden forest for centuries until, somebody came across it and that certain someone was Scott. That guy Scott was just looking for something in the forest and it is a rare bird which endemically lives in the place, but he got into that weird forest and the moment he set his foot there, he heard a voice directly going to his mind.

Scott heard the voice saying that upon entering the forest, he will have to accept the challenge of finding something far more valuable than that species of bird he was searching for and by what he is witnessing now, it could be magic. Scott was thinking about everything that he had heard now for this all came-in pretty quickly and he is having a hard-time processing it. Will Scott ever decide of taking-on the challenge even though the risk could outweigh the reward? Escape players, join Scott here on this adventure then and see if you can find-out what's really going-on in the place.

Risky Reward is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from 5n Games.

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