Risky Building Out Escape Game

Risky Building Out Escape
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This may be your last building escape but you couldn't really be sure. The last few time you thought it was the end, more came. And the more and more challenges arrived, the more you felt ready to face all of them. You somehow knew that every time you were faced with challenges, your mind and body just geared up by themselves to pass through all of them. However, just like any human being, you were beginning to feel tired. You needed something to tell you that you were making a progress. You just couldn't keep on fighting and see yourself in the same place regardless of how many times you succeeded. So this time, you promised yourself to really reach the end and get out of the cycle. You knew it wouldn't be very easy. Yet you knew nothing would ever be too hard.

You were in a new building and still didn't know how you got there. There would surely be things inside that could help and you just had to find them. Likewise puzzles would abound so making use of all the logic you had would be worth it. Play Risky Building Out Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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