Ringneck Dove Escape Game

Ringneck Dove Escape

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Ringneck doves are endemic here in the area, but it doesn't mean when one gets into some trouble, one should just leave it alone. One day as Ted was roaming around his farm where all sorts of animals are home to, he realized one of his traps have caught something and it even manage to bust a bit of the lock of the cage! As Ted was approaching it, he began to think that the cage won't be easy to open for the lock seems to have been tinkered into. What's inside the cage however, was a ringneck dove!

He did not intend to capture such an animal and the door was hard to open, to add to that the animal is in an unrest state and if it continues doing that, then it might get hurt or something. Ted was absolutely going to help the animal as quickly as possible, but the question was will he be able to get it out safely? Escape players, Ted doesn't want to make a rescue for that bird, he only intends to free it and that will only be possible if he approaches this calmly. Want to try this rescue with Ted and see if you can free the animal safely?

Ringneck Dove Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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