Ring Soul Samara Escape

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Maria heard her friend Rachel talk about this small and minimal ring she found in her drawers one day, she just moved there so she doesn’t know of the stuff she kept finding in her place. Still she used it for the ring looked simple and she is the kind that appreciates the less. Several days have gone-by and things began to quiet with Rachel, Maria never heard from her since they last met, but one day though she got a call from her and she said she needed some real help for that ring she found was not actually good at all!

Maria will come to know what that is as she explains on the phone what she found-out, but that only got Maria very concerned, for her friend was not one to pull such a serious prank like this, so she treated it as truth, and thank goodness she did for this is actually true! Escape players, Maria is going to be in a situation here where she’ll potentially have to face evil in the rooms of her friend’s place, will you help her then so she can get her friend Rachel out of the house safely?

Ring Soul Samara Escape is the newest point and lick indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.