A bird perchees at the kitchen countertop in Retro Crystals Escape game.

Retro Crystals Escape

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Your parents are throwing a retro-style theme party tonight and you want nothing to do with it. You’re about to bike over to stay at your friend’s house for the night when your mom called you. She sends you on an errand to buy more salad kits at the nearby grocery store. Returning home, the place is already festive. Loud music is already playing and your parent’s friends are all dancing. Dodging them, you dump your purchases at the countertop. Just when you’re about to sneak out, your bestfriend’s dad grabs you and invites you to join them. You try talking your way out of it but the next thing you knew, you’re awkwardly dancing with the grownups. It would take smar thinking to finally escape from here.

Retro Crystals Escape is cartoonish style game made by Ainars exclusively for Escape Fan. The goal of the game is to search for 5 well hidden crystals and golden exit key. How fast you can do it?

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Walkthrough video for Retro Crystals Escape

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