Retired Old Woman Escape

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Escape players, join in the rescue here for the old woman in her own home. Retired Old Woman Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games. Best of luck!

It was a holiday again and Mary was relieved for the work given to her by the boss is not quite easy, that’s why she decided that day to visit the retired old woman whom she inherited the job and maybe she can ask some pointers from her. She lives at the coastal area and it’s quite peaceful, perfect for someone who had worked in a hectic environment for years. Mary took the short journey and after she knocked on the door, she was greeted by the woman as a guest. She actually knew her, that makes it quite easier and okay for Mary.

They talked the entire afternoon and it had been great, the woman told her some stuff and she even went to get her notebook which had a lot of notes concerning her days when she was only starting to getting a hand of the job. But as she came and tried to look for the item however, she actually got trapped in her own room for the door seems to be locked! The woman screamed for help and it’s good that Mary is there, she can give her a hand immediately. Escape players, you are to join with Mary here, find a way to open the door and get the woman out. Hopefully you won’t use brute force for this. Enjoy!


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