Restricted Devil House Escape Game

Restricted Devil House Escape

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You didn't mean to call the devil at this time of the day. However, you couldn't help but recall the time you unexpectedly met him while you were out doing your daily activities. And as most people would say, when you speak of the devil, he would surely appear. And he did. It was awkward having to meet him when you didn't even have anything to say to him. In fact, you didn't want to do anything with him. But he looked bored that instead of going back down to hell, he decided to hang out with you for a while. You thought he'd be throwing curses at people or cause some accidents. Yet he didn't. He must've been stuck down there for a very long time that he was in awe at the way people behaved. He made sure to keep his distance away from you.

After a few hours, he disappeared. You thought you'd never see him. But you received a call from the office asking you to deliver some package in what they called the Restricted Devil House. You rolled your eyes as you might find the devil there once more. But he appeared to you earlier warning you to get out immediately. Play Restricted Devil House room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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