Restricted Container Yard Escape Game

Restricted Container Yard Escape

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The neighborhood where Marvin lives is very near the shipyard and they were strongly advised not to go there for heavy equipment is being operated in the place, that makes the area dangerous. Still Marvin and his friends were just kids and loved adventures, they didn't know danger until it hits them. So one day, they went there even though some of the friends have suggested against it, but what can they do when majority wanted to go. And so the group went through the fences and looked inside the containers, they saw that most are empty, what a fail for they thought they might find something interesting there, but little did Marvin know he'll actually experience something and it's not a good one.

Marvin accidentally broke-away from the group for he took a different path which he thought his friends also took, but they didn't and right after he only realized everything when it was too late and that's when he couldn't see his friends anymore! Marvin is definitely lost here now, with the twists and turns of the stacked heavy containers, anybody can! Even the workers there. Marvin needs to find his friends or get himself out of there now! Escape players, will you help Marvin out and see if you can escape out of the shipyard as well?

Restricted Container Yard Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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