Restaurant Wine Cellar Room Escape Game

Restaurant Wine Cellar Room Escape

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Have you ever been in a wine cellar? Well whatever the answer is, you are welcome to try this escape challenge here from under the ground where barrels of wine are stored! Restaurant Wine Cellar Room Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game from Genie Fun Games.

Just below Kiernan's luxurious house, there is a tunnel which can then lead to a vast underground room where barrels and bottles of wine are stored! It had been there for years and he bets that the place already has that wine ready for harvest. That's why on a specific day one day, Kiernan went to check for there should be something scheduled for opening but he must find it still among the huge collection of barrels. Kiernan proceeded in the room and looked for that right date he was spotting, but unfortunately his search stopped for he noticed something and he thought, oh no.

Kiernan saw the door and wasn't ajar which he left it, that thing closes tight when latched and it's very hard to open from the inside! Well, his fears were realized, for he is now trapped down there and because the cellar is naturally soundproof, nobody can hear him calling for help! Escape players, those wine collection there might be able to help Kiernan escape from his situation here, care to join in and see if you ever have an idea?

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