Resplendent Happy Boy Escape

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The area where Rafael lives is anything but joyful, it is quite depressing and a bit dark, it stimulates nothing but laziness and fear. It won’t be a wonder if he leaves the place soon in search of greener and newer environments. Rafael however was still seeing the brighter side of this place, and one of those bright sides was this energetic and happy boy. Rafael is kind of confused where is this kid getting his enthusiasm, he can’t really think of anything other than him just being joyous in nature. But that day little did he know, Rafael is going to be his savior.

Escape players, Rafael will come to find this boy as he came to look for him just to see or get a clue why he is happy in a place so gloomy and depressing, trapped in his own home! This is his chance to somehow get to know him and maybe they can be best of friends in the long run, but first he needs to rescue him and he is going to need some help. Want to help on the rescue here everyone and see if your rescue skills are up to par?

Resplendent Happy Boy Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Palani Games.