Resort Party Garden Escape Game

Resort Party Garden Escape

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Sal has an invitation to join the party at the garden resort and it won't be for long though, just a small gathering and after that everyone can stay in the place if they like. That's exactly what Sal did for he is an adventurous type of guy and after the party, he wanted to test how wide the garden resort is, so he went from the main-hall where the party had concluded straight on the path leading to some thick vegetation but was still decorative. Little did Sal know he is going to get a piece of this adventure of his both for good and bad.

Sal admired the place for it was serene and is perfect to jog into, but one thing this resort lacked for now though and those are signs, for such a big place they must have signs for anybody can get lost there, unfortunately Sal also did! Sal could not find his way anymore and he just picks random paths hoping that it would lead him to familiar grounds. He shouldn't have mentioned being lost to himself, he pondered, but now this is happening he will definitely need some help here escape players. Come and join in the escape here with Sal everyone, navigate the vast garden and hopefully you can get out of there before the sun goes down.

Resort Party Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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