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Resolute 01

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The underground tunnels was once an abandoned place but as time passes, people are starting to occupy the area but not entirely though, for most of the place is dark and a bit dangerous. As a person who goes there from time to time just to buy products there which can't be found in the market, Hue decided to venture into the tunnels even though the risk of not being rescued if ever he gets lost in there is high! He wanted to see where all of this leads and of course he'll be careful as he goes, but trouble still managed to seep through and even how careful Hue was, he still got lost.

Hue is now lost in the tunnels but not completely however, for he keeps passing through merchant carts but those were all unmanned, which means he can't get help from anyone by asking which way to go. Escape players, the tunnels here are very old and is already an expert in getting people lost, will you help Hue out on this escape from the tunnels still? Find clues then and keep going, but be mindful of the paths you take though.

Resolute 01 is the newest point and click underground escape game from 5n Games.

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