Residence Living Room Fun Escape

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Adam has this new house and it’s quite the luxurious place, his favorite room in there is the living-room and most of the time in his already week-long stay in his new place, he spends it in there. It’s early in the evening and Adam decided he’ll cook one of his favorite dishes and it’s going to be made with love, that’s because he has a lot of time in his hands. Well that’s if he can get to the kitchen first, for right-now he can’t even get himself out of his living-room for the doors are now locked!

Adam have no idea why his doors are locked, the exits and some of the other doors leading to different rooms are as well and really he has no answers for it. Maybe something or somebody is playing with him here? Well if so then he just wishes it is one of his best buddies for really he is not ready for a fight or even a flight right-now. Escape players, you are now Adam here and you are trapped in your own new luxurious house! Will you be able to escape by first solving whatever the problem is?

Residence Living Room Fun Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.