Rescue The Village Goat Game

Rescue The Village Goat

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Your goat is the most famous goat in your village. Everyone loves your goat because he is helpful and friendly. He also produces lots of goat cheese for the villagers. But as they say, you cannot please everybody. There is one villager who envies your goat and wants his goat to be the best in town. But his goat will not be the best if your goat is around. So he kidnapped your goat and took him to the secret farm. In this way, your goat will be out of the scene forever. You can always buy a new goat but for you, this goat is more than just a farm animal, you also consider him as a friend. So you have to do your best and find that goat.

You can feel that he is in trouble so you have to double-time and find clues that can lead you to your goat. There are also puzzles that you might encounter along the way so you have to use your logic to complete this rescue. Rescue The Village Goat is another exciting outdoor escape game that will test your escape skills. Play this brand new point and click escape game from KNF Games and have fun!

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