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Rescue The Young Girl

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There is a small island located just near the main coast and in it is a small resort, it is beautiful there, indeed like a real paradise. But the place however constantly gets attacked by some pirates and now the owners of the place area really considering their standing there if they will still continue operations in the place, for the constant confrontation is not good for business anymore, they didn't decide on that quickly until one day it got worst, for the pirates finally commandeered the island! If everyone thinks that's all that then they are wrong, for there is an even worst thing than that, and that is they captured a young girl and they are holding her as their hostage!

Everyone in the island have already evacuated and are safe now except the girl, but that's what the hostage-takers thing however, for actually there was a last person in the resort and that was Fraser who happened to be a skilled fighter and a tactician. Still, he had never experience something like this however and he needs help to rescue the girl and get the heck out of there, it's the only way so that forces can attack the island without civilian casualty. Escape players, will you help Fraser here on the rescue as stealthily as possible? Go ahead then and try not to be seen by anybody especially the bad guys.

Rescue The Young Girl is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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