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Rescue The Yellow Bird
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Jansen was slowly traversing the forest in search for herbs and firewood for the night, but then he came across a girl and somehow she was doing something and it looks like it is taking a lot of her strength! Jansen asked the girl what she was doing and she got startled with his presence, she then told him that her yellow bird which escaped from her cage just got trapped in another cage and it might be from a trapper! The girl's strength wasn't enough in prying the cage open, that's why Jansen decided to help her and quickly too for he doesn't have enough time for this side mission because it will get dark soon.

Escape players, Jansen here will try to help the bird so that the girl can go home then, he will also try not to do too much damage to the contraption for the person who had set it might have had a hard-time in doing so and acquiring it too, that's why care must be applied. Come and place yourself on the shoes of Jansen here everyone, rescue that yellow bird and that will also help the girl.

Rescue The Yellow Bird is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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