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Rescue The Woman

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Houses are spaced distantly from each other in the wilderness and it's safe though at least from other people, but from wild animals not so much. That's why rangers roam the area for animal attacks are slowly getting common now as people moves into the area every year. One of the rangers was Samson and he has his fair-share of rescue attempts before and it could either be people getting accidents along the trail, or the feared animal attacks which must be responded to quickly. That day, Samson was called once again for a rescue but it isn't just any rescue though, it was a little different and not his typical ones.

Samson was called to one of the houses there for a resident just got trapped in her own house! This is the first time he got a call such as that, but somebody needs help there and because they are the only protectors of the place and there is no police, Samson might as well respond to this for it's in the area where they operate. Escape players, will you play as Samson here as he rescues a woman who was trapped in her own home?

Rescue The Woman is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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