Rescue The Wolf

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The forest where Dante’s village is getting even more dangerous to the animals that the people there takes-care of, that’s because wolves are really becoming a more common sight and soon if they keep wandering in, somebody’s life could really get in-danger here. For now, the wolves are taking more and more of the sheep, that’s why the men in the area have set traps for the wolves and kill them so that their numbers would dwindle a bit. Dante was okay with that for he had a few sheep that had fallen victim to the wolves, but one day however his heart somehow changed when he saw a wolf got trapped in one of their traps.

Dante was about to kill the wolf that got trapped, but as he looked at it in the eyes however, it seems to be speaking to him. He knows he shouldn’t look for he is not strong enough, but Dante felt very different though with this wolf and eventually he wanted to set it free. Dante knows he is going to regret this, but he had a strong feeling to free this one and he couldn’t fight nor explain that. Escape players, want to join Dante here as he tries to rescue this wolf whom they are trying to drive away?

Rescue The Wolf is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.