Rescue The Turkey Game

Rescue The Turkey

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Rescue The Turkey is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy and be careful trying to rescue a trapped turkey here in the wilderness.

Blaine's only big-old turkey male just broke-free from the dwelling again, luckily the hens did not follow and just remained, that turkey always wanted to leave and he doesn't really know why it continues to do so after many attempts, but that day something different occurred other than the typical rescue and getting back to the coop near his home, for a mysterious cage just caught that turkey and Blaine was like, oh no.

Blaine is fully aware of the traps in this forest set by hunters especially on open-season, but he did not expect it to be very near his area, now he must not leave from where his turkey is trapped and try to get it out slowly without hurting the animal or even destroying the cage. Escape players, Blaine can just wait for the hunter who set it there to get proper authority to touch the contraption, but who knows when he'll return and it could take days, that's why he just decided to get his turkey out as carefully as possible. Escape players, care to join Blaine here for the rescue of his valuable male turkey? Good luck then everyone, have fun with us daily!

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