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Rescue The Tamarin

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The forest had never been easy to venture into thanks to the rough terrain and the thickness of the vegetation there. As a person who lives very close to it, Ronald is aware of it more than anybody, that's why he rarely goes to it and only does so when it is necessary. One day, Ronald spots something in the distance and he was intrigued by it, for it seems there are a number of people moving through the forest. Ronald is already an expert of the place and he knows where to go as he follows the people from a distance. Ronald came to find-out that they were actually poachers and they are setting traps all over the area!

Ronald seriously is concerned of this, but he can't engage on such people for they are armed, so he only followed them as well as passing through the cages that they set as well. As he passed-by one, he saw that it had already caught something! The creature that it caught was a tamarin and those are quite numerous in this place, but a lot starts from a single thing and that is why he decided to free the animal for not only he doesn't like poachers, he doesn't want this forest to be destroyed by them. Escape players, will you join Ronald here as he saves a weird-looking primate?

Rescue The Tamarin is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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